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Book Review - Artificial Intelligence in Practice

Review Score: 5 stars out of 5

Part of my job at Aigora is to be up-to-speed on the many advances happening at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and sensory and consumer science. It's for this reason that, every Friday, I publish a new article in a series called "Eye on AI," our weekly round-up of news in this area. As I have worked on these articles, a resource that has often come up in my searches is the excellent work of Bernard Marr - a UK-based consultant, speaker, and author who does an excellent job of popularizing the many advances in AI and adjacent technologies.

I was thus excited when Mr. Marr released a new book earlier this year titled, "Artificial Intelligence in Practice: How 50 Successful Companies Used AI and Machine Learning to Solve Problems," and bought it immediately. This book contains 50 business case studies of how large companies such as McDonald's and Unilever are implementing AI in myriad ways. The book is well-organized, with the 50 studies grouped into 5 categories - tech, retail/CPG, media, financial/healthcare, and manufacturing - and with each case study following the same format to simplify reading. Each case study requires about 5 minutes to read, so the book is well-suited to reading one case study a day for 50 days. I bought the Kindle format so I could read one case study whenever I had a free moment, such as when I was waiting in line.

The book does not cover the topics in technical detail - instead, the book is valuable because it raises awareness of possibilities. Moreover, by presenting case studies from a wide variety of applications, the book supports cross-pollination between fields and industries, so that someone like me, working in the CPG sector, can learn from someone working in manufacturing (and vice-versa).

In summary, if you're interested in business-use cases for AI, this book is essential reading. Do as I did - download a Kindle copy and read one case study a day. You'll be delighted you did!


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