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Eye on AI - July 5th, 2019

Welcome to Aigora's "Eye on AI" series, where we round up exciting news at the intersection of consumer science and artificial intelligence!


Top Stories

McDonald's continues to automate, from robotic fryers to voice-activated drive-throughs, as Heather Haddon reports on WGN radio. What was most interesting to me about this interview was the way that automation is improving job quality for fast-food workers, rather than fast-food workers simply being replaced.

Bernard Marr reports in Forbes on how AI is transforming the wine industry. For me, the most interesting portion of the article was the use of AI to assess wine quality - wine reviews may be automated at some point in the not-too-distant future.

Oral-B has launched an AI-powered toothbrush. But is it worth the $400? Lee Bell gives his opinion in Forbes.

AI continues to help farmers, as you can read in this data-science focused review by Oleksii Kharkovyna on Medium, or this in feature piece on lettuce farming and machine learning by Chris Hill in the Eastern Press Daily.


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