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Eye on AI - November 25th, 2022

Welcome to Aigora's "Eye on AI" series, where we round up exciting news at the intersection of consumer science and artificial intelligence!


We’ll be breaking down some of the main topics of the Big Ideas Live conference in Rotherham this week before switching gears to address the progress of NFT restaurant Flyfish Club in New York.


3D Food & Sentient ChatBots Among Trending Topics at Major AI Conference

The Big Ideas Live conference, hosted by SKY News, explores revolutionary tech changes happening around us and what they might mean for our future. According to the article “3D-printed food to 'sentient' chatbots - five Big Ideas Live highlights,” top trending topics this year included 3D-printed food, killer robots, and more.

“From Britain's role in the space race and the future of warfare, to 3D-printed burgers and robots delivering pretzels, Big Ideas Live certainly ran the gamut when it came to how science and technology is affecting our world,” read the SKY News press release. “There were opportunities for visitors to try some of the innovations they can welcome into their home… while flagship panels dived deep into the big tech, social media and more.”

While we’ve covered many of the top trending topics at Big Ideas Live throughout the year – 3D printed meat, sentient chatbots, and the metaverse, to name a few – others felt more surprising. 3D printed fashion, for example, was one such topic that stood out. According to 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys, fashion brands are now using a 3D printing process called PolyJet to produce smooth, accurate parts, which can be added to the fabric. This enables designers to create more elaborate designs in terms of geometry, light, and texture. Another exhibit, which combined augmented reality, showed how fine art could transform physical and digital spaces.

“Visitors were invited to scan a QR code nearby, which opens up a snippet of the Adobe Aero augmented reality app on your phone - promising to display [artist Tim Fowler’s piece] in 3D via a recreation by Mohamad Aaqib,” continues the press release. “Once you've scanned your surroundings with your phone's camera, up pops the art, now in 3D and on your device's screen and scaled to the environment - meaning anyone could take this fine piece of art home as a souvenir.”

The idea of killer robots was also a hot topic. Nigel Inkster, a former director of operations at MI6, reassured the audience that Terminator-style killer robots' won't become a reality any time soon. However, he also cautioned that cyber warfare has already become an established tool of modern warfare. For more on these and other trending AI topics from the conference, check out the link above.

The Long Anticipated Opening of Flyfish Club NFT Restaurant

Switching gears: remember the Flylish Club, the NFT restaurant we covered ages ago? According to the article “An NFT Restaurant Where Membership Costs Thousands Will Replace NYC’s Iconic Sunshine Cinema,” the long-awaited wait for its opening is inching closer.

“Upon opening, Flyfish Club will house a seafood-focused restaurant, bars, and lounges,” writes Eater New York contributor Emma Orlow. “The Post reports that, as of January 2022, membership that included a private omakase room, in collaboration with chef Masa Ito, from Tribeca’s Ito, was going for $14,300 in NFT tokens (4.25 Ethereum).”

The Flyfish Club will replace the iconic Sunshine Cinema, which was demolished in 2019. The facility is still under construction, with the millions raised in pre-opening NFT sales being to supplement construction costs. While the wait continues for the official opening, I’m excited to see what future NFT opportunities its development could lead to.

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