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Eye on AI - October 14th, 2022

Welcome to Aigora's "Eye on AI" series, where we round up exciting news at the intersection of consumer science and artificial intelligence!


This week, we’ll be looking at how AI is being used to evolve entire industries, including chocolates that match user preferences, and the numerous ways AI is being deployed in aviation.


Finnish Chocolate Brand Creates Chocolate of the Future

We begin with a story about a company that claims to have future-proofed chocolate. According to the article “Finnish Valio creates milk chocolate of the future through artificial intelligence,” milk chocolate company Valino has used AI analysis to create the ideal chocolate creation called ‘The Bar’ using its Bettersweet milk powder solution.


“‘The Bar’s’ recipe is based on AI analysis of milk chocolate lovers’ thoughts, cravings, and tastes combined with over 1.5 million public milk chocolate related social media discussions,” writes Scandasia contributor Jeannette Hinrup. “Valio created the futuristic concept together with local chocolate artists of Kultasuklaa company…”

Using AI to analyze mountains of data points within surveys, reviews, and social media, Valio found that consumers had no single favorite chocolate taste, filling, or size, and preferred to indulge in milk chocolate with a clean conscience. As a result, the company used Bettersweet, it's a lactose-free service solution that enables natural sugar reduction with up to 30% without touching chocolate’s taste or texture, to create products that matched those conclusions under five different use cases: impulse, craving, delight, hunger, and relaxation.

“The Bar’s chocolate flavours form a new kind of alternative to the traditional chocolate box, where different chocolate flavours are combined together instead of separated,” said Valio’s senior vice president Timo Pajari. “Each layer of milk chocolate is made for different situations in life. In addition to plain milk chocolate flavour the other layers are enhanced with nuts and cookie crumbs.”

Aviation Industry Is Being Transformed by AI

Food and beverage isn’t the only industry being revolutionized by AI. According to the article “Artificial Intelligence is transforming the aviation industry,” this trend is also playing out in aviation.

“To deal with such a huge number of passengers, airlines need to innovate and integrate with emerging technologies like AI and machine learning,” writes BBN contributor Naveen Joshi. “AI in aviation has the potential to increase urban air mobility, improve airline safety, automate flight scheduling, and enable predictive maintenance of airplanes.”

Airlines already use AI to analyze flight data like route distances, altitudes, mileage, fuel use, aircraft type, weather conditions, and more to help determine optimal flight paths, with numerous other AI-driven use cases emerging. Alaskan Airlines, for example, is currently testing an AI system that calculates the most efficient flight route in real-time, which already has reduced average flight times by five minutes, saving 480 thousand gallons of jet fuel.

With AI monitoring airplane data in real-time, things like maintenance scheduling can also be predicted, which could reduce flight delays by as much as 35%. AI is even assisting in areas you might not consider to help airlines reduce flight costs, improve safety and operational efficiencies, and minimize risks.

“The applications for AI in aviation are evolving and there are many fascinating new developments in the pipeline,” continues Joshi. “... AI is reshaping the aviation industry to ensure passenger safety, optimize operational workflows and enhance customer experience.”

For more on how AI is being used to improve airline operations, check out the article “10 Ways Airlines Use Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to Improve Operations.”

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