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Eye on AI - September 23rd, 2022

Welcome to Aigora's "Eye on AI" series, where we round up exciting news at the intersection of consumer science and artificial intelligence!


Our focus this week returns to the food industry as we look into a new web3 winery concept that offers more than just your typical membership rewards, and “Flippy,” the burger-flipping android coming to a fast food joint near you.


Web3 Winery May Be The Future of Wine in the Metaverse

This month saw the emergence of what may be the future of wine in the metaverse. According to the article “Is This Web3 Winery The Future Of Wine In The Metaverse?” Evinco, a new winery created in partnership by Napa Valley winemaker Mario Roam Sculatti and web3 veteran the WizardOfSoho, utilizes the exclusive ownership model of the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to deliver the full benefits of web3 to its members. In essence, Envinco is offering its NFT holders rewards and offers combined with the exclusivity of direct involvement in the company’s decision-making processes.

“What makes running a winery as a DAO such a novel idea is the number of ways that the business could potentially evolve,” writes futurist Bernard Marr. “Should it concentrate on building a globe-spanning collection of wines, focus on developing its own unique flavors and vintages, or creating unique and exclusive member experiences like the tasting lounges and cellars? Ultimately, this will be up to the collective owners – with Sculatti and The Wizard on hand to offer expert guidance and suggestions.”

Traditional wineries offer members things like exclusive tastings, VIP parties, discounts, etc., which are meant to build company loyalty. The problem is that practically every winery offers the same rewards, only different wines, and events. By offering members the ability to have a say in the direction of a winery, Evinco is opening up new customer loyalty opportunities. Sculatti and the WizardOfSoho will offer their expert suggestions to any major decisions. But the decisions themselves will be left to NFT owners.

NFT rewards don’t disappear when an NFT is resold. They’re retained within the token itself, not an individual name. Each token that’s re-sold comes with all the benefits the previous owner forfeited. On top of that, there’s something called the Mere-exposure effect, which states that humans become more psychologically attached to things they’re familiar with. Ownership and direct involvement lead to higher familiarity, which in turn leads to a stickier sort of loyalty – would you prefer spending money at a regular winery or one you have a stake in?

“[This] combination represents a perfect mixture of the exciting potential of the new digital age, with the earthy and experiential pleasures of the physical world,” continues Marr. “... As consumers seek out new ways of engaging digitally with each other as well as products and services they love, we can expect this venerable and yet vibrant industry to continue to innovate and create new experiences.”

Fast Food Droid Launched at Jack in the Box

In other food AI news, the article “Miso Robotics Staffs Jack in the Box With New Fast Food-Serving Robot” details how Jack in the Box will be implementing the fast food-making robot “Flippy” at one of its San Diego locations.

“Once a food item is placed before Flippy, the robot's AI-enabled camera will identify the food, pick it up, cook it in the correct fry basket and safely place it into a holding area,” writes dot.LA contributor Decerry Donato. “Brewer said the company was already developing add-ons allowing the attachment of specialty baskets to the robot, but when the request came in from Jack in the Box, the process was accelerated.”

Flippy isn’t a new concept. Already this year, White Castle implemented Flippys at one hundred of its locations. What makes the Jack in the Box use case unique is that its menu items are more varied. Not only will the robot need to handle burgers and fries, but also things like taco shells, which is a new use case. Should tests prove successful, rapid expansion should be expected.

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