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Michael Hautus - The Symphony of Sensory Psychophysics

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Michael Hautus is an internationally recognized expert in quantitative and experimental psychology. As a professor at the University of Auckland School of Psychology, he specializes in sensory and perceptual systems research, cognitive modelling, and analyzing detection and discrimination judgments.

With over 100 publications, Professor Hautus has also contributed to research in sensory evaluation, auditory neuroscience, pain research, human memory, and decision science. His highly-cited works include the 3rd edition of Detection Theory: A User's Guide and the specialized software SDT Assistant, which enables broader implementation of advanced techniques of signal detection theory.

Through his extensive publication record, editorial roles, conference presentations, and collaborations, Professor Hautus has established himself as a leader in psychophysics and detection theory. His current research projects continue to disseminate cutting-edge techniques and push boundaries in the global research community.

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