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Recommended Article - How to Choose Your First AI Project

The time is fast approaching when AI will be commonplace.

Welcome back to our "Reviews and Recommendations" series, in which we recommend resources to help sensory and consumer scientists learn more about artificial intelligence!


The time is rapidly approaching when the use of AI will be a competitive advantage for sensory and consumer scientists. Even so, many sensory and consumer science groups are not yet ready to implement AI initiatives, either because they do not yet have enough appropriate data or their existing data are not yet sufficiently well-organized to support such efforts.

Thus now is the time for sensory and consumer scientists to 1) consider which AI initiatives could be worth pursuing and 2) collect appropriate data to support those initiatives. In the spirit of the first of these goals, today we recommend an article in Harvard Business Review by Andrew Ng, founder and CEO of Landing AI (among many other titles and achievements), on "How to Choose Your First AI Project:"


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