• John Ennis

Recommended Article - Interview with Pianist and Coder Dan Tepfer

Human and machine intelligence together are superior to either intelligence individually

Welcome back to our "Reviews and Recommendations" series, in which we recommend resources to help sensory and consumer scientists learn more about artificial intelligence!

One of Aigora's founding values is that extended intelligence, comprised of human and machine intelligence combined, is more potent than either intelligence individually - humans excel at creative, social, or emotionally-oriented tasks while machines have historically excelled at well-specified, automatable tasks. While deep neural networks are bridging the gap between these two extremes to some extent, this interview of pianist Dan Tepfer by Alisa Chang of NPR showcases what happens when a human genius combines with a relatively straightforward top-down AI. We hope you agree the results are breathtaking.

Note: Dan Tepfer's new album, "Natural Machines," debuts May 17th, and can be pre-ordered here.

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