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Recommended Article: The 10 Vital Skills You Will Need for the Future of Work

Welcome back to our "Reviews and Recommendations" series, in which we recommend resources to help sensory and consumer scientists learn more about artificial intelligence!


Today's recommended resource is an article in Forbes by Bernard Marr, author of the newly published book "Artificial Intelligence in Practice." I'm midway through his new book and I'm finding it to be a valuable resource - look out for a review of it here on our blog shortly. In today's recommended article, "The 10 Vital Skills You Will Need For The Future Of Work," Marr highlights the skills he believes are needed to collaborate effectively in the upcoming fourth industrial revolution. As reflected in our core beliefs and philosophy, we agree with Marr's themes of developing classically human skills - such as creativity, critical thinking, and leadership - as well with the need to develop both social intelligence and technical prowess.

To read the article, please click on the screenshot below.


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