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Recommended Resource - Aigora 5-Point Checklist

Welcome back to our "Reviews and Recommendations" series, in which we recommend resources to help sensory and consumer scientists learn more about artificial intelligence!


This week's recommended resource is a tool developed in-house, which is Aigora's 5-point checklist to help sensory and consumer scientists prepare for artificial intelligence. The five checkpoints on the list are:

  1. Cultivate and participate in a data-aware culture

  2. Automate routine activities, especially report preparation

  3. Incorporate advanced computational tools into regular practice

  4. Stay aware of new applications of artificial intelligence

  5. Never stop learning

If you would like to receive a pdf copy of this checklist - including background material on the philosophy behind the checklist - please complete the checklist request form. As a bonus, when you complete the form, you will automatically receive five follow-up emails that explore each of the five checkpoints in more detail!

We hope you find our checklist helpful, and please contact us with any questions.


That's it for now. If you'd like to receive email updates from Aigora, including weekly video recaps of our blog activity, click on the button below to join our email list. Thanks for stopping by!

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