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We empower sensory and consumer science teams to implement artificial intelligence.

Process Automation

Save time and energy for more creative work.

Custom dashboards by Aigora turn your complex data into practical reports you can act on faster.

  • Auto-generate reports in moments

  • Make better decisions in less time

  • Free your team for higher-impact work

Implement New Technologies

Enrich your research with new data streams and engage with your consumers in new ways.

Discover a wealth of data variety by connecting to new data sources, such as smart-speakers, or implement new technologies such as blockchain and web3

  • Identify empowering sources

  • Engage and reward using NFTs

  • Access qualitative research at scale

Knowledge Management

Gain new insights from your historical data.

You’ve collected mountains of data. We help you master it by uncovering the best way to organize and interconnect it for your organization.

  • Build the right database for your team

  • Gain new insights from historical data

  • Grow confidently with a reliable database

Computational Analytics

Unlock more value.

Gain new insights with machine learning and predictive modeling to give your team data superpowers.

  • Adopt natural language processing

  • Gain new insights from historical data

  • Automate TURF analyses

How We Empower Your Team

Our department has become much more sustainable, efficient, and it’s allowed for more creativity and innovation.

John’s expertise has allowed me to grow exponentially when it comes to data analysis and enhancing productivity. He also teaches you how to enhance your own skill set as well.

When we perform higher quality work in a faster amount of time it allows us to service our customers more efficiently while maintaining and even enhancing our quality.

Dr Alex Pierce-Feldmeyer, Mane Inc.


How It Works

Share your research challenges with us.

Understanding your team's unique context and needs through an interview and AI-readiness assessments is our first step together.

We identify opportunities.

Match your challenges and objectives with the right solutions, in the right order, so you create a meaningful impact.

And create a roadmap forward.

Your team is only a few weeks away from harnessing the power of new technologies for more impactful research.

Your Research Is In Good Hands

John Ennis

Dr. John Ennis

Co-Founder and Senior Advisor

Dr. John Ennis is a veteran market research consultant trained in both mathematics and computational neuroscience, author of 50+ peer-reviewed articles and 2 books in sensory and consumer science, and recipient of the "Researcher of the Future" and UCSB "Outstanding Educator" awards.


Dr. Ruth Brown-Ennis

Co-Founder and Senior Advisor

Dr. Ruth Brown-Ennis is an assistant professor of psychiatry at Virginia Commonwealth University and an expert practitioner of state-of-the-art data science tools. 


Dr. Danielle van Hout


Dr. Danielle van Hout is a Sensory and Consumer research consultant with over 20 years of leadership experience in FMCG R&D. She obtained a Ph.D. in “Sensory testing-based business decision-making” at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam Research Institute of Management in 2014. She collaborates for two decades with leading scientists on effective and ecologically valid consumer and sensory research approaches and is author of over 30 research papers. Danielle is the Chair of the Sensory Expert group of The Netherlands. 

Tian Yu.jpg

Dr. Tian Yu

Director of Sensory

Dr. Tian Yu obtained her Ph.D. degree in neuroscience, focusing on taste signal transduction. Dr. Yu has published a dozen peer-reviewed articles and one book chapter. She has presented her work in numerous conferences and received international recognition.


Dr. Vanessa Rios de Souza

Computational Sensory Science Consultant

Dr. Vanessa Rios de Souza holds a BSc in Food Engineering and a Ph.D. degree in Food Science and has over 10 years of experience in R&D, consumer and sensory research across multiple food product categories and functions, with strong background in food science and food processing. She has extensive experience in industrial, academic, and research settings. She has presented her work in several conferences and has published 4 book chapters and 65+ peer-reviewed papers throughout her career.


Dr. Cécile Bavay-Alessandri

Senior Data Scientist

Dr. Cécile Bavay-Alessandri holds a Ph.D. in Food Science focusing on Sensory Science and Sensometrics. She has over 10 years of experience in Sensory and Consumer Science through multiple functions. She helped bring satisfaction to consumers and gained experience in data science developing tools for sensory data analysis.

Paritosh Gaiwak Web Sized Low Resolution

Paritosh Gaiwak

Director of Technology

Paritosh holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University. Before joining Aigora, he worked at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (machine learning engineer) and GlaxoSmithKline (data scientist). He is skilled in building predictive analysis models using Python.


Bartosz Smulski

Head of Artificial Intelligence

Bartosz Smulski is a mechatronics graduate. He gained experience in data science and machine learning in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. His favorite activity is building machine learning pipelines using cutting-edge technologies.


Marjorie Aleguen

Executive Assistant

Prior to joining Aigora, Marjorie worked as a sample coordinator at Yuenthai Philippines, Inc., a manufacturer of one and famous sports apparel and garments with production facilities in China, Cambodia, and Philippines. She earned a bachelor's degree in information technology from University of Cebu.


Hamza Diaz

Technical Advisor

Hamza is a professional Senior Full Stack Developer & Data Scientist with a background in both Computer Engineering (Specialization in Computer Engineering) and Telecommunication Systems Engineering.


Jakub Kwiecien

Technical Advisor

Jakub Kwiecien studied Theoretical Physics and has 6 years of experience in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. He has developed analytical solutions across multiple domains, including financial, pharmaceutical, and digital marketing sectors. His primary domains are Machine Learning and Forecasting.


Arkadi Avanesyan

Technical Advisor

Arkadi holds a BSc in Engineering and an MSc in Quantitative Finance from the Free University of Brussels. He started his career in Luxembourg as a quantitative analyst and was responsible for research of investment and trading strategies. Prior to joining Aigora, he transitioned into the field of data science, analytics, and programming, where he worked as an independent consultant.

Aigora created a customized dashboard for Griffith Foods that automates a process and greatly improves sensory efficiency and accuracy. 

John’s thorough knowledge of Sensory Science and analytics resulted in a finished dashboard that was more comprehensive and data driven than originally intended.

John went above and beyond to deliver the best product to meet our team’s needs.

John and the Aigora team were a pleasure to work with.

Julia Tyrpin, Griffith Foods Inc.

Ready To Move Forward?


We love connecting you to the tools and technologies that transform your data into powerful insights that answer real business questions.

Aigora designed a customized dashboard for us to automate our sensory analysis and reporting. The dashboard has dramatically improved the sensory team’s ability to analyse data, monitor the panels, reduce turnaround time for reports and crucially provided us with consistent analysis and output across teams and studies that we need given the requirements of our internal clients. Implementing the Aigora customised dashboard allows the sensory team to focus on the activities that make the biggest impact to our business.

Aigora have been an excellent partner during this journey, ensuring that our needs were met every step of the way. A key enabler in delivering the positive outcome is the combination of Aigora’s leading experts from sensory and consumer science who did a great job in delivering what has turned out to be an extremely valuable product for our organization. Moreover, the ability of Aigora to deliver on tight timelines with clear communication has made the process smooth and efficient.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with them.

Richard Grimer, British American Tobacco

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