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Aigora is the premiere sensory and consumer science consulting firm, offering comprehensive services that enable clients to gain a deeper understanding of their products. Rely on our expertise to maximize the performance of your products and unlock valuable insights from our data-driven approach.


Create custom dashboards that automate routine tasks and generate reports.

► Optimize your processes
► Minimize human errors
► Enhance the quality of your data and analyzes
► Free-up time
► Focus more on strategic activities such as interpreting results and implementing insights

Predictive Modeling

Create robust machine learning models that bridge the gap between product ingredients, instrumental data, sensory profiles, consumer insights, and market performance.

► Identify new, previously undiscovered insights
► Get clear directions on actionable steps
► Make simulations
► Conduct virtual prototyping
► Accelerate product development cycle

Web3 in Consumer Science

Enables brands to gather real-life behaviors about consumers and facilitates brand-to-consumer interactions through its peer-to-peer nature.

► Build brand-consumer relationships through NFTs
► Conduct market research on blockchain
► Present brands and products virtually

Knowledge Management

Establish a comprehensive database that encompasses all pertinent information, bridging the gaps between typically disparate data segments.

► Easily access historical data
► Standardize the approaches
► Preserve institutional knowledge
► Prepare data for predictive modeling
► Support decision making
► Adapt to change

Customer Analytics

Optimize your strategies and drive revenue growth by leveraging data-driven insights from marketing and sales.

► Understand the business and identify areas for improvement
► Uncover valuable knowledge about your customers’ unique needs and preferences
► Predict sales using adavanced forecasting techniques
► Predict future trends

Voice Activated Technology

Build and deliver sensory and consumer surveys through voice controlled assistant platform.

► Engage with your panelists and consumer in new ways
► Make your study ecologically valid
► Collect data in-the-moment
► Immerse your consumers in-the-context
► Allow hands-free studies

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